Female Superhero Linky

Wonder Woman fan-made trailer. How can it be 2013 and still there’s never been a big film featuring a woman action hero kicking bad guys around like this? Or even a medium film? (Am I forgetting one?)

Female Super Hero Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

An indication of how complicated it is dealing with climate change: some wind farms are making the problem worse

Popular Science magazine has made its archives fully available online!

The US Foreign Service’s official policy on Yeti-hunting. (via Craig Oxbrow) (& here’s Ed Hillary with a yeti drawing, from the buildup to his 1960 yeti-hunting expedition)

Frat boys mobilise to support a transgender frat brother – this is great.

Full audio performance of a Han Solo adventure, Smuggler’s Gambit

The only Simpsons infographic you’ll ever need

Key & Peele do the Gandhi vs MLK rap battle

Colour photographs of segregated USA

Michael Upton shared this YouTube channel where songs you know are transposed into a different scale, usually minor to major, and… the results are consistently weird. Find how your favourite song’s integrity has been violated!

A Norwegian prison where prisoners are treated like people. Great piece by a long-term inmate of the UK prison system who now writes for The Guardian.

Massive Lego Hogwarts

Zeus Blog writes a lovely piece giving due respect to Ray Cusick, designer of the Daleks, who has just died.

Myths about NZ wildlife

Albums that should have been

And finally… scientifically accurate Spider-Man

6 thoughts on “Female Superhero Linky”

  1. Because I accidentally hit “publish” just before midnight instead of just after. I’m going to change it now just because.

  2. Aw, thanks for the link Morgue! I’ve been by and done a red-faced spell-check in your honour. Mis-spelled TARDIS? I’ll hand in my fanbadge now…

    The lack of a WW film is one of the great mysteries of modern movies. David E Kelley’s trashtastic tv pilot from a couple of years ago and Joss Whedon’s walking away to do Avengers may have been instrumental?

  3. I’ve had people mention Russ Meyer flicks, Tomb Raider, Elektra, Supergirl and Kill Bill as potential woman-action-hero films. For me, though, none of them feel like they fill the niche that a Wonder Woman film does. Maybe the reason is, 7-year-old girls could go and see Wonder Woman and come out with big grins on their faces? I dunno. But yeah, surely something has to happen for WW soon…

    I’m loving the activity at zeus blog right now!

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