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Robert W pointed me at this great text-only street fashion blog, which is satire so deadpan it hardly even knows it’s satire.

NYC past – large-format historical photos of the greatest city in the world

Everyf***ingwebsite – yeah, they’re all like this, pretty much.

Amazing bootleg Star Wars figures from Turkey. So good!

A blog named “Monster Legacy” makes a longer, more detailed version of the exact argument I made in my Prometheus review (in the section ‘Les Cousins Dangereux’). It’s the only other place I’ve seen this argument made, which I think is a bit weird, because to my eyes it is both obvious and fundamental. Although I think I was kinder than Monster Legacy, because I decided to treat Prometheus as a conceptual remix, not a thematic betrayal.

You may not have listened to the mashup of Nine Inch Nails and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. I only succumbed after about fifteen people had already raved about it, and to my surprise, it really lived up to the hype. If you haven’t, do yourself a favour.

This one gif has been everywhere lately, showing the sun in motion through the galaxy with the planets swirling around it. Trouble is, it’s wrong.

What Coke contains (via Lew, kinda mindblowing for what it says about humanity)

Kathleen’s tales of her time in Afghanistan continue with this great one about local monster stories.

Via d3vo – remember that movie, The Fifth Element? Remember that crazy singer in there, who was singing something that (it was claimed by the filmmakers) couldn’t be done by a human voice? Turns out, it can be done by a human voice. Here’s the human in question, doing the thing.

Write academic papers right into your web browser??

I enjoyed watching this speed painter do his thing. If you like thinking about how perception operates, you’ll enjoy it even more, because it demonstrates some of the freakiness inherent in the apparently simple act of seeing.

Enterprise vs. Enterprise

Via Ivan: irrefutable theories of book cover design

The alternate moose, some months back, shared the complete text of Tesla’s brief autobiography. I am certain this is worth reading, although I haven’t done it yet myself. (Tesla!)

And finally… gizoogle.

6 thoughts on “Street Style Linky”

  1. Had the makers of Fifth Element never listened to Der Hölle Rache from Die Zauberflöte?

  2. Sacred bovine, that song may be the wrongest and bestest thing to happen to Trent Reznor since Johnny Cash! If I spoke Karaoke this is what I’d be talking about a lot.

    Also loved the Turkish SW figures. What can I say? I like SW, I like Turkey! And we all did the calculator as computer station thing with our figures, didn’t we? Morgue, do you remember the rip-off figures you could get for a while from Comics Compulsion when they were on the other side of Cuba Mall late ’90s? I think they may have been rip off of the EU versions as I recall Chewbacca had a weird buzz-cut hair do. Damned 90s…

  3. “Da Alligator Love” is so much more enjoyable to read. (And so less white!) Thanks Snoop Snoopy Dog!

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