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Quite enjoying having a new short chapter of “in move” pop up in my news feed every day at noon! I don’t remember writing most of what I read. Surprised by quite how much pashing has been going on in the first few chapters, too. But that’s teenage boys for you, just always pashing everything.

This new Kiwi webseries is really well done! Gets the editing right to maximise the comedy, something a lot of webseries struggle with. It’s by the woman behind the excellent, little-seen and poorly-trailered film “My Wedding & Other Secrets”, if that’s any additional recommendation?

Governments now answer to business, not voters. Mainstream parties grow ever harder to distinguish. Is democracy dead? Long article about the post-democracy era that I haven’t read, but @saniac recommends it and he knows his onions so here it is.

At UCLA, one class taught game theory by throwing out all the rules for how you run an exam. (via Joe Murphy)

At the Ruminator: On the death penalty and other brutal punishments

Little girls dressed as superheroes, turned into hero designs

Understanding cultural difference through the medium of McDonalds website designs

Michael Shannon reads the Deranged Sorority Girl email. More dramatic readings of this text, sure to become a staple in audition rooms all over Hollywood.

Fascinating. An internet guy gave up on the internet, and then a few years later came back – but came back in a really, really interesting way.

My buddy Stephen Fox unravels some of the context and meaning of terrorism and how we respond to it.

Star Wars in 60 seconds

Via Rachel B: it’s a chemical party!

Stories about Prince

Historians need to wake up as Yahoo destroys huge amounts of history

Radio Time Machine – a neat gadget – how has popular music changed from 1940 to today?

Complete video of Freaks & Geeks reunion at Paleyfest, 2011 – pleased to have found this!

And finally, via Robert W: old people wearing vegetation

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  1. At the risk of being all spammy, have you seen this Kiwi comic?

    I met the author at Dylan Horrock’s summer school last year, and was enthused by his attention to great graphic storytelling, his love of what he was doing and his pleasure in sharing all the stuff he learned along the way. He’s been putting the comic out free online, but recently put a drop on Comixology for the nominal price of 99c, primarily to widen the distribution. Within 24 hours someone pirated it, and the link contains his bemused and vaguely delighted reaction.

  2. not spammy at all! Yeah, I linky’d Moth City back in November – – but didn’t keep up with it, distracted. Awesome to see it’s out on Comixology, that is becoming a huge platform at the moment. Anyone reading this – definitely click through, Moth City is well worth a look!

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