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There’s one week left of May, which is plenty of time for you to miss a meal. Send the money you saved to the good people at Kaibosh food rescue, a thoroughly splendid local operation that takes food that would be wasted here and delivers it to hungry people there. Worth a few of your dollars, I reckon.

Pikitia Press has more of the delightful early-60s UK girl’s comic about a British girl arriving in New Zealand.

Great Books of the Western World: don’t pay hundreds of dollars to Brittanica, download (most of) them free

I still can’t find a version of that Patton Oswalt Parks & Recreation clip that will play in NZ. Mentioned a few weeks ago, it sees Oswalt improvise the plot of a new Star Wars film. Well, someone has animated it, and it seems like it will play everywhere.

Oh my god this made me laugh: someone compiled every instance they could find where a rapper has referenced former NBA player Alonzo Mourning in their lyrics. Mostly they follow the standard structure for such references: “it’s [meaningful word] like [word that frequently appears close to the first word even if using it here makes no sense at all]”. (They also missed the first ‘Zo reference that popped into my head, from Public Enemy no less.)

Helen Mirren being legendary, this time by inviting a boy to tea in character as the Queen.

For those with an interest in Doctor Who recurring character River Song, here’s the best infographic I’ve seen of her convoluted timeline.

Irish stamp has an entire short story on it. (via Alexis)

Aliens in 60 seconds. Very nicely done. (via David R)

Interesting look behind the scenes of cult hit card game Cards Against Humanity – a true indie production, a megasuccess in a niche that can’t really be colonised or compromised. The question at the end about how long this can be sustained is a good one – it’s real easy for this kind of thing to go sour.

The full McBain movie hidden across many episodes of The Simpsons

Maire pointed me at this great music video – an epic adventure that I really liked until the bit where I started loving it.

Setting up an automated process to buy random presents for yourself from Amazon, as a kind of art project. Finding patterns in chaos. Neat, and ongoing. (via Svend)

Opening scene of Casino Royale recreated in Lego

Lawrence Kasdan’s handwritten screenplay notes for Empire Strikes Back (via Craig Oxbrow)

Photographer takes photos of her 5yo daughter as awesome women from history. (via Sam Hall)

Pitchfork’s Daft Punk article is full of bells and whistles and I found it almost unreadable. This is the first big article since NYT’s Snowfall to try and enhance the reading experience, and I think it’s also the moment that shows how Snowfall isn’t the future after all. (And not for this reason, either.) Just put words on the screen, people. Just put words on the screen.

And finally, via Julian von Sligo:

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  1. For some reason the “Princess” comic book covers brought to mind the description of the “shattered visage” from Ozymandias. Go figure.

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