Teaspoons Linky

Okay just in case you missed all the other dozen times I shared this: my article on gender stereotypes and kids at the Ruminator.

Amazing photos from NYC a century ago (via Theremina)

Fitzcarraldo remade in cardboard (also via Theremina)

From global warming to fluoride: why do people deny science?

How to play chess properly:

Lovely short comic story about a retired superhero meeting a retired supervillain. Not the most original idea but it’s done really well.

This month’s Tube Map: ghost stations of the London Underground

Fantastic article at the Awl about the 2013 Bitcoin conference. It sounds like capitalist madness foaming over rock-solid logic. Loads of bizarre photos, too! (via Allen Varney)

Global Rich List (via Chris O’Neill)

1943 Walt Disney Employee Handbook

A stormtrooper’s family album

“He’s the only actor since Marlon Brando that’s actually done anything new with the art of acting; he’s successfully taken us away from an obsession with naturalism into a kind of presentation style of acting that I imagine was popular with the old troubadours.” – Ethan Hawke gets Nic Cage.

The word “ampersand” comes from lazy schoolkids. (Via Mike Upton)

NZ Birds Online: new tool to identify that bird out your window.

73-year old artist who works exclusively in Microsoft Excel.

Free download of legendary 1981 solo boardgame Barbarian Prince

Dangerous Minds turned up some wider photos of the tank man in Tiananmen Square. It’s amazing what a zoom out will do to your understanding of an event.

British Medical Journal research article: The case of the disappearing teaspoons: longitudinal cohort study of the displacement of teaspoons in an Australian research institute

Hey, Before Sunrise fans – watch Jesse and Celine tell people to turn off their cellphones

And finally, all the audience “oohs” from Saved By The Bell. This becomes like music, and then gets weirder.

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