Ira Linky

Ira Glass dressed as a dog dressed as Ira Glass.

Kurt Cobain’s wild teenage mixtape

Photo portraits of teen dancers from 1969 Upper Hutt. Mum, anyone you know?

Was a black PI named Sam Marlowe the inspiration for Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe? Follow the investigation…

Rolling Stone has a good long Stephen King interview

Also from Rolling Stone, I don’t know what to make of this but I like it: a preview of the new NBA basketball season, presented in the form of Dungeons & Dragons character descriptions (complete with artwork).

You know the Romeo & Juliet balcony scene? Um, it doesn’t actually have a balcony in it.

Jesse Singal digs into the science behind Gamergate and the gamer identity – it’s a great article although it only scratches the surface of the topic. (Academic social psychologists who are smart will be building huge datasets out of Twitter right now, they’ll be able to publish on this for years.)

And finally, Skeletor’s best insults

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  1. Yeah, all the “evidence” mustered is classic conspiracy-theory type dot-connecting. I enjoyed reading the article though 🙂

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