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How Long Would It Take Darth Vader To Mop The Death Star? (via Ben Sedley)

Ferguson. No words. But read these: Ta-Nehisi Coates, of course, from the perspective of Obama’s comments; and also (via Gem) How to parent on a night like this by Carvell Wallace

Svend talked me into actually reading this link, and he was not wrong: “What the hell am I doing? I kept asking myself. Why am I forcing a fine new machine to pretend it is a half-dozen old, useless machines? Eventually I realized: This might be about my friend Tom dying.” Emulating old computers as part of a process of grief & reflection.

Lotta MIT stuff this week for some reason:
Cute profile of the MIT Science Fiction club, which has a pretty astonishing library.
History of the MIT football team (undefeated this season in Div 3) – the photo of the 1978 marching band is priceless
And a look back at MIT’s Tech Model Railway Club, home to the first computer hackers

Can you spot the snipers hidden in these photos?

Every aspect of this is fury-making. “Tech Dudes Take Credit For Female Scientist’s Work; Plan To “Hack” Vaginas So They Smell Like Peaches”

Meryn Cadell’s “The Sweater” – Steph P emailed this thru asking if I’d heard it, and it does sound kinda familiar but from looooong ago. Wikipedia says it’s from ’91, and went top 40 (!) in Canada in ’92, which was about when I started listening to radio Active sometimes, so… maybe? Anyway it’s pretty great!

Kickender collects a whole big bunch of Kickstarter projects that didn’t even manage to secure a single backer.

Person on Reddit says a friend claimed gardens were illegal in New Zealand. Kiwis rush to confirm this in glorious detail.

Kids write jokes (via Jenni) – marvellous! I love weird kid jokes, they’re such vivid windows out of my headspace and into something else!

Batman vs Darth Vader. This fan film is way way better than it has any right to be – the set dressing alone is breathtaking. (This may also be the only filmic depiction of Batman where he’s the guy who’s prepared for everything, which is a major feature of his comics identity.) Via Anthony K.

Next time you ask someone out on a date, make it sound exciting. Let this 4 year old boy be your inspiration. (via Robert W)

Interesting thought from that same Robert W – with the massive casualisation of the workforce, is organised labour a thing of the past? Is it time to organise around another shared context like your relationship with your home?

David Roberts at Grist: Yes, we can beat climate change (but it will require massive international governmental co-ordination) – I’m still not optimistic about the climate change challenge but that recent surprise China/US deal definitely says it ain’t time to throw up your hands and abandon all hope. This short article highlights a project that assigned different teams to each high-emitting country to develop plans how that country could hit its goals. It’s brutally clear-eyed stuff. Read it.

Lindsay Weir is appalled – a tumblr blog that is nothing but screenshots of Freaks & Geeks hero Lindsay with her appalled face on. Because tumblr.

The AVClub found this – a video explaining how Anna Kendrick hid the truth about 9/11 inside her hit film “Pitch Perfect”. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.

And finally, via Mike U: cat montage, where people have drawn eyes on a thng and are holding the thing in front of a cat’s eyes oh just go look at it

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