MacGyver Linky

Via Steve Hickey, the MacGyver opening credits, with music removed:

So it’s Back to the Future 2’s future. This article on Jaws 19 reveals BTTF fans have made Jaws 5-18 to bridge the gap. Humans are weird.

To promote the American Psycho film, people could sign up to receive emails from Patrick Bateman, set a decade after the novel/film. Approved by Bret Easton Ellis. Bizarre.

That time someone asked a bodybuilding forum whether they could do a full workout every other day, and it all went very weird very fast. (via Pearce)

Here’s what happens when you download the top 10 free apps from respected internet provider Hint: it ain’t good.

Well-timed street photographs (from China)

Chinese photographer shoots big groups of people, arranges them into plaid and tartan patterns (via my mum)

Twin Peaks women as pinups – wins points for including Denise. (also via my mum. Very risque, mum.)

Blimey. A January tradition in Japan: eating rice cakes that are so sticky they can kill you. (via Bruce Norris)

Detailed breakdown of the third Hobbit film’s Battle of the Five Armies. Who fought who when and how?

Which shows changed the most between unaired pilot and broadcast version?

Nate Cull embarks on a deep dive into 80s synthpop

Via Mike Upton, a Twitter Choose Your Own Adventure:

Tenured professor at West Point writes brutal, relentless takedown of West Point and the whole institution of military academies in the USA.

Love is a choice. Some very lucky people have heard me ranting about this for twenty years already and I’m not done.

The rise and fall and rise of Lego – lengthy piece from Fast Company

Via Billy and then the entire internet: Who the F… is my D&D character?

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