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Here’s a brutal metaphor for social inequality, compellingly illustrated by Toby Morris.

Jamas has dug up a Wonder Woman TV pilot from the 60s. I’d never heard of this. I can’t bear to watch it, either. Maybe you are stronger than me?

Via Tom Crosby: turns out Lovecraft has strong game in the field of Yo Momma jokes.

David Simon on what’s going on in Baltimore – first on his blog, a short post but read the comments for dozens and dozens of replies from Simon; and then in this detailed Marshall Project interview.

Also, Ta-Nehisi Coates – an address at Johns Hopkins on the roots of the problem and a blog post about why he does not condemn the rioters.

Undisclosed a new podcast offering deep-dive nitty-gritty on the Adnan Sayed case covered in the smash-hit podcast Serial, by people who know more about the case than anyone.

Upsetting detailed article on how there’s no fury like a man scorned, especially when he wants to whip up an online hate group. Discover the seedy, nasty origins of gamergate in this Boston Magazine feature.

Interesting article about the “missing stair” theory in creating safe spaces, involving a typically unpleasant story about a man being out of control and a woman being targetted, this time at a punk gig in Austin, Texas.

Does this link work for all you foreigns? I dunno. But locals should definitely know – probably NZ’s finest ever piece of television, the superb Outrageous Fortune about a criminal family who try to go straight, is all online for the watching at the TV3 site. (This is promotion for the upcoming prequel, Westside, which I dearly hope is as good as it needs to be.)

And finally… girl, you don’t need makeup

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