Linky, Although Not Friday

Some linky for your pleasure. This has been haywire year so far so pretend it’s lazy Friday at your work and check out the following:
From the Benny: a list of all the reasons why David Banner turned into the Incredible Hulk in the Hulk TV show. Man, this is one dude you seriously don’t want to spill hot coffee on. Or get stuck in traffic with. (Fortunately, it seems he doesn’t get too angry when you use prepositions to end sentences with.)
From Mr Warren Ellis: World of Meters, which has real-time updating statistics about the world. Most fascinating to me is “Miles Earth has traveled in space within our Solar System this year” – that number cranks up real quick. This big ol’ dirtball goes fast.
And from the world of YouTube, Alanis covers Rage Against The Machine “Guerilla Radio”

and finally that one Sarah Silverman song about Matt Damon that is all over the internets with good reason:

4 thoughts on “Linky, Although Not Friday”

  1. The background with the Matt Damon song is that Kimmel frequently ends his show with an apology to Matt Damon for running out of time. The one time Damon was on it, Kimmel’s intro was so long that Damon only had an opportunity to exchange some choice swears before credits rolled. In other words Matt Damon has always been up for a joke at his own expense on this particular show. Then, on the 5th anniversary of the show, Kimmel’s partner Silverman (who is a bit hit / miss) comes on and opens her heart. 🙂

  2. On the bed!
    On the floor!
    On the towel by the door!
    In the tub!
    In the car!
    Up against the mini-bar!

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