It Is Friday, So I Linky

Everybody loves Tintin, right? That intrepid ligne clair reporter with his quiff and his faithful dog who said “Whoa!” Soon to be a series of three major motion pictures directed by various luminaries and scribbled by new Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat?
Herge died with a Tintin tale in progress, Tintin And Alph-Art. Very rough pencil layouts were completed for half the book, and a few other notes survive, but that’s all. This work was published recently, sitting alongside ‘Land of the Soviets’ and ‘in the Congo’ as ones for completists only.
Now, heroic/obsessive Tintin fan Yves Rodier has taken it upon himself to finish Herge’s last book – transforming the sketched layouts into full-colour pages with Herge-style art and carrying on the story to a conclusion that seems appropriate.
It’s an incredible piece of work. Go see.
Issuu continues to grow by leaps and bounds, setting itself up as the YouTube of .pdf publishing. Loads of fascinating magazines to read, and when you find one you like you can blog-embed it. For example, a magazine consisting entirely of freaky-cool sculptures can be embedded like this:

Go have a nosy around. Lots of goodness.

Finally, another must-read Rolling Stone piece on the CheneyBush disinfo administration, this time revealing the truth behind some infamous high terrorism alerts in the US over the last 5 years (This is, of course, another contribution from the other, dancing, moose. Read his blog too.)