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What does it take to be a bestselling author? Three dollars and five minutes.

Yes I’m a sucker for this story: an ode to promposals. Teens making a big deal of asking someone out to prom, partly trying to go viral, partly just for the joy of feels. (Yes of course this is a rose-tinted view of high school life which is still as full of misery as it ever was; that’s the whole point. I heart it.)

Via my aunt Margaret – geek vs. nerd infographic, plotting words associated with geek vs those associated with nerd, across 2.6 million tweets.

Via d3vo, D&D Strength in real-world terms

Also via d3vo, apparently this is a thing: head tingles from gently brushing microphones mounted in ears

I listen to Harmontown and I didn’t know this existed. It even says “episode 2”. It’s basically an episode of Harmontown but it’s filmed and the guest is Ernest Hemingway plucked out of history. Based on this description you will either have already clicked the link, or you can move on with a clear conscience.

David Roberts gives a smart, sympathetic reading on why so many people are voting for Trump.

Hey you guys you know how Obama did a foreign policy thing that was “be like minimally civil to Iran” not “threaten to blow Iran into a smoking crater” and the entire Republican political world went wiiiild? Turns out things are going beautifully. Thanks Obama.

How Robert Louis Stevenson’s reputation was shipwrecked by his inner circle.

Via Allen Varney: “Cyclops is a programming language written in Linear A, a forgotten/undeciphered script used 3500-4500 years ago on the Greek island of Minos.”

And finally, via Jason Morningstar, a 1975 FAA report on the Anthropometry of Stewardesses

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