[morgueatlarge] Initiation Ceremony

Full Name: Morgan Geddes Davie

(Geddes is the name of my mother’s family. I’m carrying the lineage of both
sides, but without a hyphen. Very nice.)

With: Leon Verrall, whose middle name I don’t recall. Old friend – one of
the oldest, well over a decade now – and a man with whom I’d trust my life.
(Note to my mother: I don’t intend to ever be in a situation of
life-entrusting necessity. Relax.)

The plan: Go to London. Arrive. See London. Let one week pass. Then go
to Europe sans Leon. Meet friend Naomi. See Europe. Let several more
weeks pass. Then go to Portugal (which, granted, is in Europe) and meet
friends Dean and Kerry, and once again Leon. Let another week or two pass.

At this stage, count coins.

Now you know the plan. The rest is story.


(Wayback Machine copy of original message)

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