[morgueatlarge] Things that happened in Roma

I was witness to an attempted robbery which was foiled by a quick/thinking backpacker from Sydney and the convenient presence of two undercover police.

My dinner companion, Martin from Germany, ended up translating Italian/English for the American woman and the policeman, while I ate my pizza at the same table. The woman had over 2000 US dollars in her purse and she was lucky to keep it. Martin, being wonderfully blunt as the German culture encourages, told her not to be so foolish next time.

I went to the Trevi fountain almost every night. It’s my favourite place in Rome, tourists and hawkers and all. The constant succession of people throwing coins over their shoulder fascinates me – here, everyone believes a bit in magic.

The view from the Cupola in the Basilica costs 4 euros. It is worth three times that. Amazing.

If you are in Rome, track down the cemetery of the Capuchin Monks, off Piazza Barberini. I wrote about five pages in my notebook about that place.

Relaxing after a hard day of walking around in Italy by watching the Godfather is an unnerving experience.


In a few hours I take a train to Barcelona.


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