Always Been At War With Orewa

Further to the discussion about the film of The Hollow Men, which of course was sparked by former National leader Don Brash’s controversial speech in Orewa in 2004 (it has its own Wikipedia page):
I watched the late news on TV3 tonight. I don’t do this often, so maybe what I noticed is all old news to you, but it caught me by surprise. In the links, the chirpy attractive newsreader blithely described the Orewa speech as “Don Brash’s racist rant” and “an attack on Maori”.
Now, I wasn’t in the country at the time, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t how it was portrayed back then. It caused a massive surge in the polls for Brash and National, putting them right in the electoral game with one decisive play of the race card. It was so mainstream that the government even adopted some of the framing. It definitely was not racist – nor was it an attack on Maori. It was just common sense!
But at some point since 2004, everything changed. Now Orewa is so obviously a racist rant and an attack on Maori that a newsreader used those words in the most casual, unblinking tone. I wonder – is this the liberal media conspiracy, caught on camera at last? Or what?

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  1. That is interesting.
    Ed also reported vaguely that National had dropped substantially in the polls, but had no reference.
    I have read no news for a month now(!)

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