Waihopai Linky

This week’s linky named in honour of the inexplicably innocent domestic peace activist terrorist activists vandals for peace.

Twilight: the Manga – a review, which is also a clear demonstration of how *not* to do lettering in a comic. I’m flabbergasted by how bad this is.

Book envy begins now – from the Jet Simian, Neil Gaiman’s library

Carrots are orange because of politics

Piano improv dude pwns Chatroulette:

Have I linked yet to anything about Brenda Braithwaite’s boardgame Train? I know it’s come up in several email conversations in the last few months. Anyway, Luke sent me this article, which is a good overview of this unusual, confrontational game/art piece.

Two from Dangerous Minds: Unusual and surprising bodypainting and a UK lookalike agency

This is one seriously big house of cards

Did you watch that amazing DICE presentation I linkied last month, on the Facebook-isation of everyday life? One throwaway mention in that presentation was a professor who uses an experience point system to grade his course. More info on that is here.

Dan at the Podagogue talks about whether podcast novels are a viable strategy for a writer looking for professional success; plus good comments section

And finally, via StarlaJo – some Bundy madness, as dance anthem

New home linky

It’s Friday linky time, first one at the new hosting site. Groovy. I’m gonna go into the depths of the linky file, pull out some stuff that’s been sitting there for aaaages without ever being grabbed up into a linky. Nothing fresh! Everything old! Come and get it!

Gahan Wilson cartoons!

From ScienceDaily via Karen, Acts of Kindness Spread Surprisingly Easily: Just a Few People Can Make a Difference

From Blaise, a while back: If you want to catch a liar, make him draw

Play classic Games Workshop strategy board game Space Hulk, live online.

The Day Tripper photos were taken by a new arrival in Wellington, of random folk he met on buses. They got a little bit of media coverage, but not much, because the Flickr set only shows a few hundred views. Take a look – nice slice-of-life photography. And if you’re a Wellingtonian, you might see someone you know – I did.

Via Sally – balloon monsters

Psychological violence as depicted in British comics for girlsTammy, Jinty and Misty won’t ever seem the same.

The King of Shreds and Patches, a novel-length work of Cthulhu-inspired interactive fiction

This blog, LOLcat’d! LOLcat your blog!

Charles Upham – badass of the week!

And finally… that horn sound