Waihopai Linky

This week’s linky named in honour of the inexplicably innocent domestic peace activist terrorist activists vandals for peace.

Twilight: the Manga – a review, which is also a clear demonstration of how *not* to do lettering in a comic. I’m flabbergasted by how bad this is.

Book envy begins now – from the Jet Simian, Neil Gaiman’s library

Carrots are orange because of politics

Piano improv dude pwns Chatroulette:

Have I linked yet to anything about Brenda Braithwaite’s boardgame Train? I know it’s come up in several email conversations in the last few months. Anyway, Luke sent me this article, which is a good overview of this unusual, confrontational game/art piece.

Two from Dangerous Minds: Unusual and surprising bodypainting and a UK lookalike agency

This is one seriously big house of cards

Did you watch that amazing DICE presentation I linkied last month, on the Facebook-isation of everyday life? One throwaway mention in that presentation was a professor who uses an experience point system to grade his course. More info on that is here.

Dan at the Podagogue talks about whether podcast novels are a viable strategy for a writer looking for professional success; plus good comments section

And finally, via StarlaJo – some Bundy madness, as dance anthem

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  1. Weird how much I love the chatroulette links, given that I find the idea of chatrouletting deeply unappealing… I guess it is neat seeing people connecting

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