It’s An Outrage Linky

I know it’s been a busy week when the most substantial blog post amounts to “I wear pyjamas”.

Play Paintball with the cast of the Wire: a great fundraiser idea, or the greatest ever fundraising idea? It’s on tomorrow in New York, still time to sell all your possessions and go.

Hot nerds reading comics. If I remember right, Warren Ellis dared them to; an hour later this was a real thing.

This American Life’s Ira Glass on the importance of wrongness. And other stuff. It’s a neat interview.

OffBlack showcases an amazing timelapse video of the Space Shuttle being readied for launch (and launching).

Investigative foodery of the weirdest kind: figuring out how to replicate McDonald’s fries at home via reverse engineering. Crazy detailed with lots of photos.

Sometimes you can tell which staff member is the IT guy.

The shortest possible game of Monopoly: 21 seconds

Been lots of sarcastic, cynical chatter lately about how those Glee club kids are copyright infringers. See here and here for the best of it.

Dude makes his own version of Rambo: First Blood in his basement, for $96, starring himself in all the roles.

And finally… an unlikely product idea from Achewood is now available for realsies.