Talib Kweli/Jean Grae

[happy to get the Wikileaks video off the top of the page, that thing upsets me some]

Last night went with the KnifeMan to see Talib and Jean Grae at the San Fran Bathhouse. It was the goofiest gig I’ve seen in a long time. Jean was a crack-up, losing her composure completely based on one girl’s wild dance moves and delivering some home truths about the danger of a weak-looking fist-in-the-air. Her set felt way too short, but then Kweli joined her on stage. Took him a couple of songs to get right, I felt, but the rest of the show was just fantastic. It was getting close to a three hour show by the time they called it, and the crowd stayed into it the whole time.

Some great hiphop through here these last few months. Keep it up Wellington!

EDIT: awesome substantial review of the gig by the Knifeman himself

EDIT 2: footage of the girl with wild dance moves stopping the show