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Michael Bay

When I get frustrated at how Michael Bay* does visual storytelling, waving my hands and shouting “coherent sequence of images” and “not crossing the line” and “ignorance of a film grammar built up through trial and error over a century” while flecks of spittle fly across the room and my eyes get progressively more bloodshot… […]

Exquisite Corpse

This entry is part of an on-line exquisite corpse – a short story told in 10 installments by 10 different authors. My 250 word installment is below; if you’re interested in writing the next part, scroll down to the bottom of this post for details on how this all works… — — — 4. easy […]

News Roundup

Bernie Madoff thrown in the klink. Good. Dude may just be the sacrificial goat for the sins of an industry, but still feels mighty satisfying. The strange, sad story of Bastareaud, the French rugby player who claimed to have been violently attacked here in Wellington by a gang of angry locals, gets stranger and sadder […]

No-one remembers Clarence Worley

Even at a Tarantino-themed costume party, no-one remembers Clarence Worley. I was even wearing white socks, man. Attention to detail.

Ride Forward Into Linky!

Samurai vs. fired air gun pellet. Holy cow. Crazy new tech from German engineering visionaries Festo: robot flying penguins? The Tone Matrix – construct your own music out of a grid of sound. Chewbacca befriends a chipmunk. This photograph series gets weirder the more I think about it actually. See also: Baroque Star Wars. Haaretz, […]

Marie Antoinette Project

(This is a repeat of a post from last week that got mysteriously lost.) One of my sekret projects has been announced. I’m the writer and interactivity guy for a co-production between the St James Theatre and Eklektus, Inc. The Affair of the Diamond Necklace: an evening with Marie Antoinette in the Gardens of Versailles […]

Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5

Local computer game company Sidhe Interactive have announced one of their projects: a game called Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 based on a toy/TV license. I did some dialogue work on this game earlier this year. Can’t give any more details than what’s already been released, so to quote the article: Activision says each episode […]

Real Hot Bitches doco

I would normally save something like this for a Friday linky, but I just watched it and now I want to share the love. Here is a ten-minute doco about Wellington’s finest 80s cheese-rock dance troupe, the Real Hot Bitches, as they head down to Christchurch to break the world record for synchronised dance. You’ll […]

Iran Continues

The angry stalemate continues in Iran, with numerous subtle developments that make it hard to draw any conclusions from the outside about where things are heading. There are reports that the police have stopped repressing protest; that they may have been ordered to do so by no less than the Supreme Leader; that the numbers […]

Fridinky Balinky

Today Friday linky can has: homeopathic antimatter Google video of early 80s nuclear threat films inc. Day After, Threads British Library’s 19th century newspaper archive, scanned-in and searchable. Wow. BBC article saying wow. World’s first hip-hop video that is a documentary-style film about a LARPer: Prehistoric oddities What happens when a Twitter celeb is not […]