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How to change minds

[I wrote this on Facebook three years ago, thought I should conserve it here too.] So if facts don’t change minds – if explaining the dangers of President Trump, Brexit, climate change, etc, doesn’t help – what else works? What can anyone do to pull communities back from the brink? Sadly, the answer is “not […]

NZ’s 8 most important vampires

Excellent! But please don’t overlook Count Robula. He’s one of NZ’s eight most important vampires (and not just because he was PM) — Sofageddon (@sofageddon) September 19, 2018 Eight most important vampires. Let’s do this. 8. Sam Pyar This is a children’s book about a kid who is probably a vampire? I have never read […]

First female Doctor Who

Some tweets on the occasion of the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who #13: Doctor Who has always been about patrician intervention to break unjust systems; a dream of Empire, embodied in male social freedoms. A female Doctor is a deep break from this; so was the working class 9th Doctor. I am excited […]

Twin Peaks Rewatch Schedule

How to get ready for the new series! Join the hashtag #TwinPeaksRewatch  15 Jan: Pilot 22 Jan: Eps 1 and 2 27 Jan: Eps 3 & 4 5 Feb: Eps 5 & 6 12 Feb: Ep 7 * 19 Feb: Ep 8 26 Feb: Eps 9 & 10 5 Mar: Eps 11 & 12 12 […]

Trump, the view from Moon Zealand

For a while now I’ve wondered when exactly we should start taking seriously what is going on in US politics around Donald Trump. How foolish of me. The time is now. Right now. Let’s be clear: Trump is not going to be President of the United States of America. He has terrified more people than […]


Wee Beastie 2014 Omnibus

On Facebook I share random snippets from life with our Wee Long-leggedy Beastie. Here’s the 2014 collection: (last year: part 1, part 2) Dec 30, 2013: Me: Would you like some stonefruit, Wee Beastie? WB: Yes please, I am very fruitable today. Jan 20: Wee Beastie, on grandparents’ bird bath: “Birds don’t like to have […]

The Asian is the Martial Arts Expert

Agents of Shield, the Whedon-crew TV series spun out of the Marvel superhero film universe has been picked up for series. Lots of people are very excited! I’m quite excited too actually. But take a look at this: Back in October, Bleeding Cool was one of many places with the casting notes for the five […]

Get Prepared 22 Feb

With the second anniversary of the big Christchurch quake about to arrive, I decided to do something a bit more organised than last year’s “check your prep kits everyone” messages. I’ve started a Facebook page (that feeds on to Twitter): Get Prepared 22 February. It makes Feb 22, the earthquake anniversary day, the day we […]

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No Linky, Last Day

My last day at work today, so no linky – lots to get sorted before the day is through! 🙂

The Aotearoa Gambit

St Johns ambulance and first aid was immediately in the thick of it in Christchurch and continue to play an essential part in the slow recovery. Here’s a neat way to help them: The Aotearoa Gambit a brand new adventure for tabletop superhero RPG ICONS, with all revenue going to St John NZ. Once again […]