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Give A Little

Kiwis: I commend to your attention givealittle, “New Zealand’s online giving community “. It’s pretty neat. and could do with a bit more attention than it’s getting, so consider taking a look. How it works is: charities and project funds set up pages on the site, and people go and give ’em money or just […]

Reappraising CauseWired

A couple months back I reviewed CauseWired, a book I’d been comp’d. It was not a glowing review, but it wasn’t that negative either. CauseWired is the name Watson gives to social causes that leverage online tools, particularly social networks… Watson is clearly a very switched-on guy and he’s explored social activism in great detail, […]

Monbiot on Marshall on Climate Change

In his fascinating book Carbon Detox, George Marshall argues that people are not persuaded by information(15). Our views are formed by the views of the people with whom we mix. Of the narratives that might penetrate these circles, we are more likely to listen to those which offer us some reward. A story which tells […]

I sent a letter

to the government today, they’ll open it and read it, it says they are suckers They got Rodney for committee or whatever Picture him given’ a damn – not likely mate.

Don’t be a Rodney!

That conversation last week went somewhere: Don’t be a Rodney, John Key!* I’m a believer in the power of paper. This is a campaign to get people writing letters to John Key, telling him to put Rodney’s barmy climate denialism in its place, and get NZ up to speed on its climate change obligations. Write […]

CauseWired review

Tom Watson’s book CauseWired is about the rise of online social activism. I was informed by Johnnie that advance copies were being distro’d free to bloggers to generate some online buzz, and seeing as this sounded right up my alley, I signed on up. Not too long after a proof copy turned up in the […]

Waste Minimisation Bill enters law

About two years ago, I tried out that small group action thing I’d been talking about. Three friends and I got together and decided we were going to do something – we chose to make a submission on the Waste Minimisation Bill that was then in committee. In February 2007, we fronted up before select […]

Small Groups In Action

Today my Monday Psyc tutorial completed two weeks of action, during which they had tried to adopt more environmentally sustainable behaviours. They’ve been working away in their small groups, facing challenges and negotiating around them, and generally coming face to face with the difficulties of behaviour change even with the best of intentions. (And, of […]

Making Change Happen

Today I had coffee and a chat with Jo Randerson, one of Wellington’s many worthy writers-about-town. I had heard her speaking on Radio Active about Jared Diamond‘s book Collapse, and using the miracles of Google and Gmail, I made contact and we ended up in Fidels to talk things over. It was very cool, there […]

Back To School

Like Rodney Dangerfield, I’m going back to school. MA in Psychology. Interested in the gap between attitudes and behaviours, and how group dynamics can be harnessed to bring about behaviour change to match attitudes more closely. Longtime readers will recognise this from the Small Group Action series that started here. More details sometime. — Overseas […]