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Monstrous News

Very pleased to own two brand-new Monster books by some excellent friends! The storytelling game Monsters of the Week by Mike Sands is a lovely, elegant way to sit down with your friends and tell some tales of Buffy-style monster-fighting. It’s a great game, and a lovely book, deserving of the widest possible audience! Find […]

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D&D for MMP

On Saturday I helped out for a few hours at the D&D for MMP fundraiser, in which some very game folks embarked on a 24-hour D&D marathon to fundraise for the Campaign for MMP. MMP, for those outside of NZ, is our current proportional electoral system, which is coming under the eye of a national […]

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How to raise $60,000 for ChCh

After the quake in Christchurch, I started thinking about what I could do to help. I think most New Zealanders thought along the same lines. One of the first things I thought of was the OneBookShelf fundraiser bundles that had worked so well for Haiti and Pakistan. It works like this. The tabletop role-playing game […]

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RPG bundle for Christchurch

Nearly $350 of RPG stuff for $20 All proceeds to earthquake relief in Christchurch. Helping get this up and running has been a significant preoccupation in the last couple days. I’ve written before about similar efforts to help Pakistan & Haiti. The Christchurch quake isn’t on the massive scale of those disasters, but it has […]

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ICONS: The Mastermind Affair

Warning: this post is about tabletop roleplaying games. Sorry if it makes no sense to you. Just released: The Mastermind Affair, PDF-format adventure for the ICONS RPG. (Written by me.) It’s a hefty 45-page adventure suitable for most traditional-type Supers RPG settings – I guess it’s a bit more DC than Marvel in its shadings. […]

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ICONS for $1

(US, that is) ICONS, that RPG with some bits by me and far far more bits by the awesome designer Steve Kenson, is on sale for a buck, down from 30. Publisher’s having an anniversary-cum-thanksgiving sale. If you’re a gamer, trust me – this is worth a dollar. (Sale expires very soon.)

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Pakistan Relief RPG bundle

US$700+ worth of RPG stuff, for $25 In a successor to February’s bundle for Haiti, this is a fundraiser for Pakistan flood relief. Includes ICONS which has my name on it, friend-of-FTM Malc’s Hot War, and heaps of other goodies (Starblazer Adventures! Fear Itself! Wild Talents 2E! Contenders! Dragon Warriors! Exalted 2E! Covenant! Don’t Rest […]

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What I’m doing this week

Part of my life is being manager of the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research. Every week the researchers get together and there’s a presentation of some sort or another. This week, I’m doing one. I’m not a cross-cultural researcher, but I am a giant geek. So: Playing culture: Dungeons & Dragons, fantastic ethnicity, and the […]

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Just arrived by post: two copies of ICONS, one of them my author’s copy. It is a lovely book. I hope it flies off the table at GenCon this weekend.

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ICONS for oil spill relief

More news related to ICONS, the new RPG for which I have a minor co-author credit: all sales from the forthcoming EPUB and MOBI-format editions are going to relief efforts around the Gulf oil spill. So if you like those formats, consider making that purchase (when it becomes available). Adamant Entertainment and Steve Kenson will […]

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