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“True Love Match” launches today!

I’m excited to release into the wild the full edition of my game of romance and reality TV, True Love Match. Yep, it’s The Bachelor: The Role-Playing Game. You and some friends move between two rooms and pretend to go on dates with each other, and if it works right you all end up with […]

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Taleturn has launched!

Introducing Taleturn – exploring the intersection of story, interactivity, and social psychology. For a few years now I’ve been mustering all my efforts in games, writing, social change, etc under the name Taleturn. (That’s the name appearing on my invoices!) Now I’ve finally shifted that identity into the public sphere. Feels good! is the website. It’s […]

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Flick Kick Legends, Providence Summer

Sorry folks no time for linky today. But I do want to call attention to two releases of personal importance: Flick Kick Football Legends I’m the credited writer for this game from Wellington’s own Pikpok Games. So most of the dumb jokes are my fault, as are many of the weird little stories that unfold […]

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