Flick Kick Legends, Providence Summer

Sorry folks no time for linky today. But I do want to call attention to two releases of personal importance:

Flick Kick Football Legends
I’m the credited writer for this game from Wellington’s own Pikpok Games. So most of the dumb jokes are my fault, as are many of the weird little stories that unfold down the line. It’s well worth a look I reckon!

It’s a free download:
For Android at the Google Play store
For iPhone/iPad at iTunes

Providence Summer
I’ve also just released this “series pitch” for indie tabletop game Dramasystem, based on an amazing game I ran a decade ago in Scotland. It’s basically “Stand By Me the roleplaying game”. Again, a free download. This is also notable because it’s the first bit of graphic design I’ve ever done (the whole thing, words and visuals, is my work), and the first release with the Taleturn branding on it (albeit tucked away at the end). Taleturn is my business/freelancing/consulting identity, and I do have public-facing ambitions for it, so hopefully this is the first step of many…

Find Providence Summer here

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