That Sister Shows Up

On Thursday afternoon my sister and her fiance (what a word) announced they were coming up to Edinburgh on Friday, arriving late afternoon. And that they were leaving again on Saturday, early afternoon. That they thought this was a good idea tells you a great deal about the pair of them, and I’m sure they’ve enjoyed the 12 hour round-trip driving from Oxford.

Lovely to see them both, fer sure.
Also, a huge thanks to Chuck and, um, Brad? and whoever else was involved in the package from home… we haven’t found any kind of explanatory note in there owning up to things yet. But, coolioso. Just watched an ep each of Insiders Guide to Happiness and Eating Media Lunch and was fully entertained.

3 thoughts on “That Sister Shows Up”

  1. Howbout that t-shirt, huh? You look like the poster boy for that imaginary “Hutt” that city-siders think exists on the other side of the harbour. No wonder Miriam turned back so quickly, you probably induced an A-grade flashback. What a bogan.

  2. ~m
    Carl = me
    Pip = Brad
    The books, the tapes, and the postcard are for you both. Birthday pressies and cheer-me-ups! The t-shirt is for you. Congrats on figuring that out you ruggedly handsome man you!
    The message is contained in the specially selected newspaper articles. I hope you read them all!
    Sorry but there is no episode guide for what is on the tapes as I can’t remember what I taped let alone what order I taped the things in.
    Messieurs Waterman and Archer over and out.

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