A Plant Bit Me And Ran Away

So we were out in our back garden and liberating raspberries from the big rambly raspberry bush when my wrist brushed against this innocuous-looking plant and it felt like it pricked me.
But it didn’t prick me. It just had soft-looking leaves.
But my wrist was starting to hurt and white welts were coming up. Wow. I’d forgotten plants could do that. I suddenly became very paranoid because I’d clambered right into the middle of the bush to pick stuff. I carefully made my way to freedom. My wrist is still sharp-sore six hours later. Cool.
We ate the raspberries on cardamom ice cream made by some organic outfit in the midlands. Mmmm. Cal didn’t get best effect of the yumminuess, as her sinuses are all blocked – stupid cold, lingering with us both. Plus she got bit by a plant same time as me, exactly the same time, but different plant. It must have been a plot.
But all is well, really.