Wolverine of Fame

Just in case anyone has forgotten that I am a complete geek: let me tell you about the Wolverine of Fame.
The Wolverine of Fame was a random free comic that I picked up at one of the very first Armageddon events, over ten years ago, when it was just a small gathering of comic geeks in a clubrooms with a couple of overseas comic guests. Because I’ve never been much into getting stuff signed, I didn’t bring anything to get signed, but then I wanted to join in the fun. So I took my free comic, presented it to the guests, and said “how about scribbling all over this?”
So they did. Thus was born the Wolverine of Fame.

Now you, too, can thrill to the graffiti of the comics-famous, for I have scanned in the relevant pages and tagged ’em up. If you click through this link to see them, you are geek like me. Revel in it! The world belongs to us now!

10 thoughts on “Wolverine of Fame”

  1. I remember you starting this, I think. It was Waid/Grayson/Busiek at the racing club rooms, wasn’t it?
    Of course, it’s not really complete until you get Larry Hama on there…

  2. Andrew S: Yep, that’s the one. My twin holy grails for this are Alan Moore and Larry Hama. I think once I get those two on it, the joke will be done…

  3. I was skeptical, but it’s awesome. The Wolverine of Fame is amazing. Love ‘Ansett’ and Neil Gaiman’s comment 🙂

  4. Did anyone reading this NOT click on the link? Not that I am a geek like you… I am officially too uncool to be a geek in the modern world… I am whatever people who used to be geeks are called now 🙂

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