A Little Too Controversial

Sometimes it’s hard to get too upset over a rejection letter. From the commissioning editor for the Doctor Who range at BBC Books:
“While your writing sample and technique were good, the plot is not something we would consider pursuing – by this, I mean that the idea of the support group set up for victims of the Doctor’s actions is a little too ‘controversial to use as the basis of a novel.”
Cowards! Philistines! They are too imbecilic to appreciate my genius!
(Actually they ask me to propose something else. But I’m writing Ron the Body now, so my sad fascination with Doctor Who will have to wait.)

6 thoughts on “A Little Too Controversial”

  1. The idea is sheer genius!
    You will have to console yourself with the knowledge that your idea is sublime but many publishers of serialised fiction based on BCC TV shows are too commercial and thus would not recognise brillance if it was wrapped around a brick and thrown through the window of their office. Sadly, the support group for Dr Who victims idea may not be appreciated in your lifetime…

  2. Yeah, as I say, I’m not too fussed. Its partly a timing thing – they’re trying to swing the line back to traditional styles to match up with the audience from the new traditional style TV series.
    In the past they’ve done all kinds of wacky things. Doctor as Thatcherite broker in early 80s with rebellious daughter. Doctor marries 17th century hooker. Doctor waltzes on the moon with embodiment of death while sentient church looks on. etc….

  3. Well while you won’t be in Wellington at the time of Kapcon you could always wriet up teh support group for Doctor Who victims as a game and enter it in scenario design or something. It just sounds like a roleplaying game to me, which is always the next best outlet for telling a story when you can’t get published.

  4. “Doctor waltzes on the moon with embodiment of death while sentient church looks on.”
    Tell me more. Or not if it is better in its one line form.

  5. It’s actually on the cover of the book in question:
    The whole book is a brilliant headtrip. (The talking church is never explained. It just talks. Its name is ‘Saul’.)
    It was the book that ‘broke’ Paul Cornell. Who is one of the writers of the new series, btw.
    A list of the five Who books for Billy to read would include this one. (And these:

  6. Timewyrm: Revelation is one of the better Doctor Who novels I’ve read. Actually, it’s fucking great.
    Have you heard? The Daleks are in the new series. I guess Terry Nation’s estate got a large enough cheque.

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