Stuff and nonsense this week – the SPSC petition online discussion was being trolled by a particularly nasty SOB who was determine to smear Cal as a Maori-hater with a dark past before fleeing New Zealand. It sounds ridiculous, but when someone’s posting crap like that in a public forum and bleating about free speech and the truth, its hard to stay calm.
So I gave Cal some words to live by. When the shit hits the fan, she just needs to take a second and ask herself: What Would Helen Do?

Helen don’t take no shit from nobody.

Anyway, its all sorted now, the troll has been slain. Hurrah!

4 thoughts on “WWHD”

  1. Well you stand up for what you believe in, there are going to be mud-crawlers out there who hide in their dark sewerpipes and can’t bear that someone can be strong and brave and so they nip at ankles to make themselves feel mighty and powerful. Thank you Morg for being Caroline’s No. 1 support person!

  2. That’s ’cause Helen’s Da Man!!
    Okay – that was cheap. But with that picture, well it needed to be said.

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