[mediawatch] *Sigh* DomPost does it again

In today’s DomPost, an article by Paul Easton about John Key’s decision to go to Copenhagen, as blogged extensively here last week.
Boxout section headed “Tackling The Environment”, in its entirety:

Lucy Lawless, actress: “There is no planet B. Let’s go about the business of tackling climate change. Our Government needs to sign on to a 40 per cent reduction target by 2020.”
Gerrit van der Lingen, New Zealand Climate Science Coalition: “I hope no agreement will be reached. After all, there is no scientific evidence human greenhouse gas emissions are causing dangerous global warming. Actually, the planet has been cooling for the last 10 years while CO2 levels kept on increasing. I call it the greatest scam in human history.”
Joe Milne, 19, shoe salesman, Wadestown: “It’s going to be a problem for my kids, and their kids. It’s good that Key’s going; you need the top figures there.”
Angelica Vestin, 27, mother, Tawa: “Hopefully it will not just be talking, and it will lead to some real action. Climate change does have an effect on the Earth, and it’s something that everyone can do something about.”

Why did Paul Easton feel the need to invite comment from the Climate “Science” Coalition?
Why did Paul Easton think it was fine to include that comment without any contrary scientific voice?
Does Paul Easton understand the implicit messages that result when you balance the concerns of three laypeople against the contrary views of someone identified with science?
Just… for heaven’s sake. Paul Easton – or, of course, the subeditors/editors who achieved this result – you get a big fat FAIL for this.