So, using my borrowed iPod, I’ve been dabbling in the world of podcasts for a while now. I like ’em because they fill up my walk to work nicely, and I don’t need to invest in good headphones to get a good experience.
I’m liking This American Life, of course. Dabbling in Adam Corolla, RadioLab, and Kermode’s film talk.
What else is good for listening? Make recommendations in the comments, if you are so moved.
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6 thoughts on “Podcasts”

  1. I really enjoy both escapepod.org and podcastle.org which are short story podcasts, science fiction and fantasy respectively.
    I also enjoy this week in tech (twit.tv) but I certainly wouldn’t recommend that to everyone as it is an acquired taste.
    Also I cannot figure out how to turn the urls into links:(

  2. In Our Time from the BBC is superb, and easily torrented. Every week, Melvyn Bragg talks to some experts about a topic – the Bakerloo Massacre, Pi, Zero, or the Nature of Duty, say.
    The Adam & Joe show from the BBC is distinctly silly, and comedy with very little cruelty and lots of creativity. Makes my week, it does.

  3. The BBC World Service documentary podcasts You can find them on the BBC website and iTunes) are well worth checking out. A huge range of often extremely interesting subjects. Each podcast is only 23 minutes, so ideal for that trip to Vic!

  4. Highly recommend Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver’s “The Bugle” – political satire news show brilliance.
    On iTunes (and from the Times website, but the less hits I give that organisation, the better)

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