This One Dream I Had Once

(Found this described in the 1999 journal – March 20th. I know, I know, other people’s dreams are not interesting. I’m writing it up anyway.)
I’m in an elevator, wearing nothing but a length of tin foil that doesn’t quite go all the way around me. I realize I’m on my way to have one of those dreams where you’re standing in front of a group of people and you’re pretty much naked.
With me in the lift is a burly guy with a brown goatee, wearing only a narrow blue towel around his waist. I realize that he is on his way to his own version of the same dream.
We nod at each other.
He is wearing underwear under his towel. Seeing that my dignity is in an even more perilous state than his, he offers the underwear to me.
I am touched by his generosity, but politely decline the offer. I just couldn’t take a man’s underwear when he was about to have a dream like that. It wouldn’t be right.
The door opens. We head out in separate directions.

5 thoughts on “This One Dream I Had Once”

  1. Yeah, I like to think so too. If I ever meet this man I’m buying him a beer. Offering his underpants to me was very brave and selfless.

  2. This underwear reminds me of stag nights. I routinely take an extra pair now, so that I don’t have to buy them of friends at short notice.

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