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  1. Congrats! Having just gone a-snooping online… my goodness. The kitchen paint job is rather spectacular, isn’t it? XD

  2. There are some crazy colour scheme decisions in there. The kitchen isn’t just purple, it is PUUURRRRPLLLE. Repainting is on our list!

    Brick more common down here – I honestly don’t know. Hmm, I assume more common down here because there’s been much more new evelopment in Auckland since brick facade/brick construction went out of fashion. Someone reading might have a better idea.

    Thanks all 🙂

  3. Ok, after seeing discussion of the feature walls I to had to go and track down the house.

    I insist that you keep the Twilight poster! Insist!

    However for the love of all the is good and holy in the world the feature walls must go.

  4. Congratulations you guys! I’m sorry that we’ll be losing you to the Hutt, but never mind. I have found house ownership to be very pleasant, especially if you don’t try to do too much DIY.

  5. Yeah, those coloured walls are unusal huh. We will probably have to live with them for a bit and I’m scared I may grow to like them!

  6. KiZ: I can’t find them any more either. They might have been taken down yesterday. We’ll post some more eventually.

  7. Congrats!!!
    Normally I’d cut off contact to Hutt-kids, but living in the Midlands, I just can’t comment anymore *sob*

  8. Nice pad! And you have a huge deck for entertaining too!

    I’ll trade your purple kitchen for a candy floss pink vast benchtop with matchying cupboard handles and venetian blind.


    Well I can do painterly tips too, having now painted inside and outside the monkeyhouse.

  9. I didn’t see the pics before… I kind of like the purple… I think colour in kitchens and washouses is good (boys and i are going to paint all our kitchen cupboards different colours if WE ever own a house)… but the red lounge and scary pink bedroom would do my head in!

    If my kidlings ever see your garden and the playground over the road, we will be all the time at your place!

  10. I love it Morgue. Congratulations. the established trees look wonderful and the house looks tidy and there appears plenty of potential for you to make changes if you’re into that sort of thing!

    Well done you both!

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