A few dates short in the scone department

The above title is from Claire Browning’s great response to Gerry Brownlee on the subject of mining. It’s a clean and precise rebuttal. Read it. (I found it via the Dim-Post.)

I was talking to Dale yesterday about this and we shared our confusion at this whole situation. As Dale said, how can they not see this as a big vote-loser? Where are the gains to balance that out? Claire expresses similar feelings down in the comments, with the post title above being one of her explanations for the behaviour on display. I am no wiser. I’ve heard some conspiracy theories that it’s about controlling the media while other changes get pushed through, or about putting this or that MP over, and the govt will pull back and say “sorry folks we listen love us!” but I don’t have any faith in the present govt’s ability to run that kind of disciplined strategy, and Brownlee has totally nailed his credibility to this endeavour so I don’t think an elegant backdown is possible any more.

Insanity. So I’m intending to get to the protest today at Parliament, 12.30 to 1.30.

2 thoughts on “A few dates short in the scone department”

  1. Given the number of people I know who actually voted for them who are unhappy with this and other recent policy issues, I have wondered often in the last few weeks if National actually wants a second term.

  2. Brownlee, McCully and a few others probably only have one term, anyway. A lot of their agenda seems to be childish and spiteful, a “fuck you” to “the other side”; witness the dismantling of Meridian’s green power generation, switching sides on whaling, and so on.

    It’s the politics of “whatever upsets those pinko faggot hippies has to be good policy!” Spite for spite’s sake.

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