Mining Protest Was Mining Protest

There were a lot of people there. The house monkey spotted me and my Cal in this crowd photo from Scoop’s coverage (and I found him in this one). Ran into china_shop, who pointed out how weird it was that the speakers kept citing The Economist (thanks to this article that rips into this nation’s environmental credentials).

The fellow moose was elsewhere in the crowd, and mentions it at the end of this post. Also there was Stephen Judd, who adds a mighty GRAR, too. Both the dancing moose and Mr Judd lead with another story I hadn’t even heard of until their posts: sacking the democratically elected Environment Canterbury council to make way for some National cronies. See also Brother Knife. The Nats have opened the ‘gates and it’s all rushing through now. Expect morer, and worser.

4 thoughts on “Mining Protest Was Mining Protest”

  1. Good to see you there. (Btw, I’m not sure the link to my post of random fannishness actually adds anything here. 😉

  2. As far as I’m concerned, your fannish post is a welcome diversion from what was otherwise a very depressing set of links 🙂

  3. So my question is: now what can we do? There must be something more…..thinking, thinking…

    Anyone else interested in getting together and bouncing around some ideas? A loose coalition of actions?

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