11 thoughts on “I Like To Move It Move It”

  1. Good luck! Hope it goes was smoothly with no breakages. Looking forward to meeting Gusto and checking out the new facilities! love

  2. Pearce: people who don’t unpack the stereo first confuse me. Their priorities are all wrong.

  3. I wish you plenty of helping hands, mild weather, nothing lost or broken and a quick and easy unpacking process 🙂

  4. why did you channel that song?!? It’s SO BAD.

    Remember the mover’s high 5? Make sure you do it (lift with your knees!).

  5. Good luck. Please carry your wife over the front door step – and post photos. This would would make me very happy. Very very.v happy that old skool traditions have been preserved. Although of course I also have the expectation you will create your own traditions too

  6. Hope it is all going smoothly and you guys have a cosy bed to sleep in tonight and a place that feels like home by the time you head to work on Monday!

    Happy happy new home to you both <3

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