Clothes Maketh The Man

Well, how about that. Pyjamas are way better than I remember them being.

Maybe it goes along with having your own hoose? And with winter. And a fireplace. Nothing like sitting in front of a fireplace in your own hoose in winter, wearing a good set of handsome pyjamas.

PJs, I take back everything bad I ever said about you. You’re all right by me.

9 thoughts on “Clothes Maketh The Man”

  1. I envy your fireplace.

    And your PJs. Unless they’re PJs from 1970, in which case I’m scared.

  2. I am anti Pajama. Why dress up just to go to bed? Don’t get why special clothes for sleeping in are required.

  3. I reckon it’s an age thing. I’ve returned too, though that was partially to do with renting a cabin in the woods for the winter season.

  4. I used to have a flatmate who wore pajamas to the dairy. His name is Chris Gilman, and they probably still talk about him in Kelburn.

    I would wear pajamas to work if I was allowed. They’re just so comfy.

    I like the idea of a fireplace, and pajamas, and a nice warm robe, and some comfy granddad slippers, and a single-malt whiskey, and some nice relaxing music, and a good book. I can do most of these things at my place, except for the fireplace, which makes all the difference.

  5. Andrew: they are timeless proper pyjamas, 2010 edition.

    samm: I once felt like you. But trust me, sir: you will never feel more like a true and proper gent than when you are sitting in front of the fire in your pyjamas smoking your pipe and drinking scotch and listening to The Shadow on the wireless.

    Derek: cabin in the woods! That’s the only element that could make the pipe-whisky-fireplace combo more splendid. Envy!

    Pearce: yes. YES.

  6. I favour pyjamas in winter for my morning and evening lounging, even if I don’t always sleep in them. There is much pleasure to be had in changing out of ‘work clothes’ and into ‘go no further than my own domain’ clothes.

    Chris must have considered the local dairy within his sphere of dominion.

  7. I like flannelette pajama pants and a baggy tshirt to sleep in… pretty much always have… except in the absolute hottest part of summer… guess it’s not very glam, but hey… who’m I going to impress?

    My wee boys on the other hand tend to favour nudity. At the moment T prefers to remove his pullup and pajama pants and arrange his wheaty bag strategically over his groin…

  8. Pajamas were the great rediscovery of my adult life. Oh sure, I don’t need them, but they’re so comfortable when you’re lounging about the house, especially in the winter. I must say, though, I don’t often wear a pajama tops, preferring instead the trouser/y-shirt combo. Because I gotta keep it casual…

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