I Am Become Dad

The cat is out of the bag. (Poor cat, stuck in that bag!) Cal and I are having a baby.

morguecal baby FAQ:

That’s not a question, mum, but I’m glad you’re excited.

2. When is it due?
December 15, so even odds say it’s gonna arrive on Christmas day.

3. Is it a boy baby or a girl baby?
We dunno yet, too early. We’ll probably find out though, so we know whether to decorate baby’s room with pink butterflies wearing make-up or blue trucks kickboxing each other.

4. So this is why you moved to the Hutt?
Surprisingly, no. We found out the day we moved. We came out here to get a dog. With baby-future, we made sad and difficult decision to postpone dog a few years. Sorry Gusto, lovely SPCA dog we were thinking of adopting. It was pretty heartbreaking actually. (Happy ending: Gusto has been adopted by another family and is presumably now very happy with them!)

5. That house in the Hutt is pretty spooky, isn’t it? What with the instant connection and the family history and making you magically pregnant the day you move in?
I know right!

6. So… how does it feel, being a dad-to-be?
Good. It feels really good.

25 thoughts on “I Am Become Dad”

  1. Congrats!

    I’ll give you a shiny $2 coin if you name him after a Doctor Who or her after a companion.

    $5 will be yours if you name it Zarbi, or The Terrible Zodin.

  2. Have already gushed on Twitter but wanted to come over here and go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! You and Cal will make lovely parents! Congratulations!

  3. PS Have you considered Darth as a possible name? It’s gender neutral (AFAIK). Plus, Darth Davie has a nice ring to it!

  4. I love that you did a baby FAQ. Very wise. You should have it printed on cards to pass out to people you tell in meat-space. 🙂

    I’m glad there was a happy outcome for Gusto as well.

    Congrats on your impending parenthood.

  5. Just so you know, midwives etc tend to get nervous once you reach one week overdue and start wanting you to come into the hospital a lot and to book an induction, so chances are quite good baby will be born before christmas. Even ours was only 8 days late ;P

  6. Congratulations again, the both of you!

    I’m fairly certain the baby will be named Gary Gygax regardless of gender.

  7. Hearty congrats Morgue! This is great news and you guys will be marvellous parents I reckon.

    It might feel Good now, but there really is an amazing amount of more good after that still to come.

    All the best to Cal, too!

    Jet (whose grandmother wanted him to be called Bassett)

  8. Mine were both about a week over… Hey… that would make it my b’day give or take… sharing my b’day with your baby would be kind of cool!

  9. I think you should cover all bases (and save the surprise) by decorating with makeup wearing blue trucks kickboxing pink butterflies (esp if the butterflies look like Mothra).

    Alternatively you could market your house or rooms thereof as a fertility nexus for couples.

  10. Yay! I vote for Blue Trucks with wings wearking pink makeup and still kickboxing each other!

    Congratulations to you both!

  11. “We’ll probably find out though, so we know whether to decorate baby’s room with pink butterflies wearing make-up or blue trucks kickboxing each other.”

    You mean “Keep of the Borderlands Pink” or Isle of Dread Blue”. Am I the only one who thinks D&D module names make for great colour charts?

  12. “I’ll give you a shiny $2 coin if you name him after a Doctor Who or her after a companion.”

    Just don’t call him (or her) Russell.

  13. I agree with Samm and Margie! So happy for you both and I’m going to see little baby early next year. Yeh!!!!!

  14. I am checking through people’s blogs for the first time in like five or six months today, & this post has officially blown the right side of my head off.
    There are medics here telling me to remain in an upright position & not to make any sudden movements.
    I wouldn’t say I’m in any pain per se but there is quite a large cavity & I can feel a slight draught tickling the back of my eyeballs.
    Congratulations guys.

  15. You are gunna need some help with names I can tell. For a boy, you’ll be wanting something masculine, but that’s easy, obviously it’ll be something along the lines of Davey Graeme Greaney-Davie or Graeme Davey Davie-Greaney or any of similar permutations. And Gravy for short. For a girl, well naturally knowing you both, you’ll want something completely frou frou… this is harder, but maybe Emanuella Arabella would be a good start, or Emanuella-Arabella Floribunda even better.

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