2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Parenting #2”

  1. MORGUE: (finishing breakfast) So… ready to come into work with the old man?
    CHILD: I’ll never join you!
    MORGUE: …uh… you sure? It’s pretty cool…
    (changin tack)
    MORGUE: (CONT.) Uncle Jim will be there. You met him at the BBQ, remember? Remember you talked to him?
    CHILD: He told me enough! It was you who killed him!
    MORGUE: Er…
    MORGUE: (CONT.) No, he’s all right. Um. It’s pretty cool you know. We have one of those machines that makes coffee for you.
    CHILD: No… no! That’s not true! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!
    MORGUE: Well think it over. I mean, if you want to come –
    CHILD: No! No! No!
    MORGUE: – you should make up your mind pretty quick, ‘cos the train’s –
    (floor opens up and child plummets into enormous techno-mineshaft)
    (Morgue walks to edge peers down – is buffetted by wind – then turns away)

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