Getting Ready

Perhaps you heard: there was a great big earthquake in Christchurch. A reminder that NZ is basically a big faultline with Lord of the Rings scenery on it. And, as Jack has noted, it’s a reminder that in NZ the disaster survival kit is an everyday common-sensical thing, rather than a sign of extreme right-wing anti-government paranoia.

I’ll expect that disaster survival kits were hauled out and checked across the country this past weekend. We certainly checked out ours, and yes there are a few bits and pieces we could add to it.

But human nature being what it is, as the earthquake recedes from memory, our impetus to add those things will fade away. I’m going to use this blog and its small but attentive readership as a motivation tool, by declaring: in three weeks, our disaster survival kit will be fully stocked up.

Have you checked yours, and found it wanting if so? I invite you to add your name in the comments making a similar pledge. I’ll check up on you and on myself in advance of the three-week deadline. Don’t run the risk of waking up to a local disaster next year and kicking yourself for letting it slide now.

Read up on what you need here: NZ getting ready website

7 thoughts on “Getting Ready”

  1. Good call, I am getting mine sorted this week! Also sorted – contents insurance this morning! *phew* I’m a little appalled at how it takes a natural disaster to get me off my arse and organised.

  2. I have about 12 litres of water and half a dozen cans of food (mmmm, peaches). I don’t have a spare can opener (I should get one, will try to remember tonight), so in case of emergency I would need to remember to grab mine out of the drawer. Torch? Check, although could use some spare batteries.

    So can opener and some batteries FTW. Remind me in 3 weeks!

  3. Not much point me getting a gas stove or generator, wouldn’t know what to do with them. I’ve got plenty of water, as long as I can get to the integral garage and get it, will put the torch by the bed (or better still another torch), thought I might invest in some trendy pjs in case I have to evacuate in the middle of the night, in which case I would def need chocolate (don’t see that listed as essential, but of course it is), will put in lip balm and hand cream and a sudoku and pen, cos what else do you do stuck in an evac centre for days…… Yeah remind me will you Morg?

  4. We’re pretty much sorted for staple food, water, batteries, and light. I’d like to get a gas stove or similar — charcoal bbq isn’t the best for boiling water. And I guess I should actually do a proper inventory for the expired stuff.

    Can I suggest an old phone that doesn’t need mains power, and a cellphone with a long battery life are also good things to have. People with cordless phones that have mains-powered base stations, or smartphones, discovered they couldn’t make calls.

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