Fruits of Labours

Been working hard the last month or so, and in the last few days there’s some nice outcome of that.

I’ve been working out and writing the launch exhibition for the new Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre. Really interesting building, really nice location. My role in that work is now done, and it goes on to other Eklektus team-members to handle installation and other bits and pieces like that. Very satisfying, and good to develop a new writing skill – writing for exhibition reminds me of teaching crossed with writing for the web. Full opening is October 21st, so if you’re passing through Waitomo after that stop in and see the building and the exhibition!

Also yesterday stopped in at Sidhe, to see a bunch of concept art and a playable prototype for a game we’ve been working on for some time. I am, it must be said, not the most competent player of games but James E was very kind as I flailed about. Exhilarating. Concept art has really stuck in my head too, and I’m scribbling away on the next stage of the project with some enthusiasm.

So it’s nice to see my work translating into stuff in the world. In the news last week was word that Madagasgar Kartz (for which I did spot dialogue) has “been Sidhe’s top seller, with the number of units sold recently reaching seven digits“. Safe to say that’s the biggest audience my writing’s ever reached!

3 thoughts on “Fruits of Labours”

  1. Yeah man, the canopy is a hell of a thing. They reckon it couldn’t have been done a few years ago. Simple concept but, as you recognize, devilishly tricky execution!

  2. when i originally read the title of this post, i expected a rather premature delivery of another sort entirely. on that count you must take heart from billy gibsons’ latest comments on a criminally shortened interview on nine to noon. listen in full and you will understand (do you accept links in the text of comments?).

    and on other notes, i want another version of rtb, or similar, to read through. it is about time that your creative output were put out, as it were, to your adoring fans. oink oink!

    finally, the similarity between the Iain Banks and RTB has vanished, but at the initial text point was somehow present. it is an engrossing read, though yet to finish, so maybe i’ll flit you (that’s an in-joke you know) a thought or two on its conclusion…

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