Our Former Mayor is a dunce

[edited to add “former” to the title. She’s gone, baby, gone! And for the record I vote for the Hutt mayor, but still feel Wgtn mayor’s power…]

Kerry really doesn’t like our single transferable vote system.
“At this stage, Celia [Wade-Brown] can’t beat me, but STV can. I don’t think members of the public have really understood the system. Some do, but the majority don’t understand.”

What an imbecilic comment. Of course people understand what they need to: you order the candidates into a list showing your preference. It just takes a while to work out which name appears highest on the most lists. I mean Kerry, you’ve been at the front end of local government for a long time, surely you understand –

“As they drop off, if you support one of the losing candidates, you get a second vote, whereas my supporters only got one vote.”

– or maybe not. As the kids say these days: FAIL.

11 thoughts on “Our Former Mayor is a dunce”

  1. Or of course, there’s the more strategic way of voting under an STV system: you order the candidates you want to see in office, and leave out the ones you don’t want.

    I voted for two of the five available mayoral candidates. Kerry wasn’t either of them.

  2. I did the same. I voted only for people I was keen to see as Mayor, and I deliberately left Kerry off so that she couldn’t get my vote.

    It’s not hard to figure out. List the people you like from top to bottom. Not a hard decision for a voter. Kerry needs to fax the fact that she isn’t as beloved as she wanted to believe she was. How much do you want to bet that she is going to demand a recount if she loses.

  3. the hutt city elections were reasonalbly easy, only having to pick between two candidates for mayor.

    How many candidates were there for wellington? I wasn’t really paying any attention.

  4. Meanwhile Auckland ended up with the non-crap selection for mayor.

    I’m just sayin’

  5. I’m glad she is gone. She is awful and ruining Wellington but I can’t actually vote against her. Our Mayor won in a landslide. He cares about his people, not about ridiculous developments that do not make the city better. Also we in the other cities want nothing to do with the debt and rates you have racked up KP. Stay away from our cities.

  6. I wasn’t giving anyone I didn’t want elected the chance to possibly help them by choosing them at all. I voted only for who I wanted to see elected – and it worked!!

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