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Last night I watched the gold medal match between NZ and Australia in netball. It was the most exciting sporting match I’ve ever watched. Double overtime then into golden goal, which in netball means securing a two-point lead. Netball is a game of absolute focus, where small errors cost a lot, and in a big match like this the pressure is intense to never make the tiniest mistake. Maria Tutaia, who I’ve long thought just didn’t have the nerves to finish the big matches, never wavered and delivered the win in a way that has shut me up forever. Amazing. Already being called the best netball match of all time! Watch closing minutes here (stupidly, can’t embed).

So here are some celebratory Friday linky!

Bleeding Cool provides the necessary backstory to understand a Doctor Who spoof styled after On The Buses. Read’n’watch here.

Some alumni from Joss Whedon’s weird, troubling Dollhouse show make a music video on the same theme:

OKCupid’s dataminers continue to offer insightful analysis of their many, many dating profiles with this takedown of myths around gay sex vs. straight sex.

Latest mindblowing infographic doing the rounds: the true size of Africa. Africa is really, really big. Which makes it even more shameful that I know next to nothing about it.

Only Kiwis will get this gleeful Onion-style NZ political satire from the Dim-Post: National to stand Spider-God in Epsom.

This ought to be bigger news, shouldn’t it? Scientists think they’ve figured out what’s behind the massive decline in honeybee numbers. (Remember, if the bees go, our entire ecology is screwed.)

A gallery of book cover art being reused for multiple titles.

Hilarious/cringey The Internet Never Forgets: Tumblr-log of famous actors when they were clothes models. Exhibit A: heartthrob du jour Robert Pattinson [WARNING this will make you feel dirty and wrong, he is far too young for your lust in this pic] B: Sarah Michelle Gellar [this one is just weird]

Lord of the Rings travel posters

And finally, there was that one time Jason went on Arsenio:

7 thoughts on “Silver Ferns Linky”

  1. I love the Spider-God’s campaign slogan 🙂

    I found the game exciting, but also frustrating since we could and should have wrapped it up in normal time but couldn’t close the deal, especially after going out to 7 points up in the final quarter. And we turned the commentary off for the last few minutes, as I was over being told that the Ferns “MUST-SCORE-OFF-THIS-PASS! THIS COULD BE IT!” every time they gained possession.

  2. I like netball more than most Americans, but really, when you CANNOT (physically) defend a shot to win the championship, and it is not golf, it is really not exciting. She could’ve taken even more time, and it would have cool as a cuke dude.

    No drama=not a massive sport. (But it does have sporty-hot lanky girls in skirts, so…..)

  3. That music video is very creepy… As someone who has kept my (decaying zombie) rabbit from babyhood I wonder… would it have been creepier if he’d kept the damaged one?

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