World Avoidance

Having a baby in the house is endlessly involving, and it’s a convenient excuse not to think about (and blog about) all the nonsense out there.

Like the NZ government announcing it’s gonna sell off big chunks of state assets that make reliable income for the state, simultaneously throwing away future money for a mere handful now, and pushing national infrastructure towards an unprotected environment.

Like the UK discovering that Clegg’s choice (of the shark’s eyes monster) has proved more destructive to the nation than anyone could have dreamed, as he and the Lib Dems enable an eager dismantling of the public infrastructure.

Like the US descent into broken politics continuing at rapid pace as the response to horrific politically-rationalised violence has been even more incitement to violence by political voices.

Like the fact that increased environmental disruptions are costing the world huge sums, and global warming predicted this and predicts even more to come, but climate change response is off the agenda completely after the embarrassment that was Copenhagen.

So I’m not going to think about any of that stuff. I choose to live in a bubble a little bit longer. I’ll play The Game with myself, and hopefully I won’t lose too often. My tiny little girl giving smiles? That’s all the reality I want to think about right now.

5 thoughts on “World Avoidance”

  1. This will be a crucial election year. After everything that has happened over the past couple of years, culminating in the fanged smile of asset sales, we’ll finally get to see whether the population of NZ has any goddamned idea of what’s actually going on in their country.

  2. My prediction for 2011:

    National will lose *some* support to keep it under 50% at election time.

    However that support will go to somewhere strange like back to Winston Peter since nobody likes Phil Goff. Phil Goff doesn’t even seem to like Phil Goff.

    Winston Peters will then get back into parliament and the 6 O’Clock news will have its favourite poster-boy back.

    None of this will really impact anything that National and its teflon-leader wants to do. Expect privatised police and water by 2013. In exchange the New Zealand will be given 3 magic beans (beans not guaranteed).

  3. Did some one say beans……… magic beans?????

    actaully didn’t the last national govet sell off loads of stuff for quick cash and labour had to buy it all back.

  4. As Maire posted on Facebook in reference to this, one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to produce different results.

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