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Okay, so it’s clear this year is going to be a bit demented, yes even more than usual. Bloggery might keep on going. It does keep me sane some weeks. Linky will hopefully keep rolling on too, even though linky without the rest of the blog feels uneven. But, there are interesting things out there, and it’s just gone Friday, so.

Keith Ng explains the anti-wisdom behind the NZ govt announcement to sell state assets.

Alternate universe movie posters. Some of these I’ve seen before, many are new to me. Awesome.

Infographic on whether sequels are better or worse than originals.

Red Letter Media’s glorious analysis of why the Star Wars prequels failed as films has reached Revenge of the Sith. Watch it. It is a long watch, yes, but you can consider it a particularly enjoyable form of penance. (See also this lengthy (written) rebuttal to RLM’s first review – which seems to miss forest for trees, but YMMV)

Aliens invade postcards

The Dim-Post somehow almost makes me want to watch Jersey Shore

Here’s what’s really going on at microlending website Kiva – they reveal stuff worth knowing if you’re into this kind of “CauseWired” (ahem) net-enabled activism.

Batman vs the internet

Lovely appreciation of sci-fi corridors

And finally, aaaah nightmare

5 thoughts on “Linky Linky”

  1. We watched an episode of Jersey Shore in Media Studies as part of a Y13 presentation on Reality TV. It was an awesome guilty pleasure 🙂

  2. I like the post on SF corridors a lot. One set of corridors I love are the ones built for Roger Corman’s low-budget “Seven Samurai in space” movie Battle Beyond the Stars (production designer: James Cameron), which were subsequently re-used in dozens of other cheap ’80s SF movies from Mindwarp to Android.

  3. Good lord, Palin’s even scarier at 30 per cent speed! It’s like Vader having trouble with a light switch.

    And welcome to the demented _years_, Morgue. You think this is going to get any easier after 365 days? Ahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!

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