Once again, Friday is Linky

Some linky for your Friday.

Old photos recreated with the same people. (from Dylan H and Emily P, I think)

David Lynch’s 1984 movie Dune had some weird kids activity books. (from Meredith at Coilhouse)

Cat laser bowling:

NZ is now in an election year, so it’s time to take a look at this one – been sitting on it for a while. It’s about providing a new frame for media coverage of an election, using the organizing principle of a citizen’s agenda. Worth talking about, maybe worth fighting for. At the very least, worth reading to remind you of the limits inherent in how we talk about elections in the media right now. (from George Darroch)

21 creepy babies in film (from the AV Club)

True life Donald Rumsfeld memo is… as you’d expect really.

Transformation decks – turning decks of cards into works of art!

Star Wars, told in iconography.

Filament linked to this about a month ago, and I found it interesting: I made out with a pick-up artist, then interviewed him

And finally… this. Contains male bottoms, so exercise discretion in the workplace.

2 thoughts on “Once again, Friday is Linky”

  1. Heh, many fine things, but that Rumsfeld memo is the greatest. It’s like “Also, please sort out the things that are wrong, somewhere. Look forward to your input.”

  2. Totally. It reminds me of the best British comedy writing, only it’s written in earnest.

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