Christchurch is long-term

My friend KiwiInZurich, a regular commenter here, tonight sent me some text messages from Christchurch:

I have access to the cordoned area of chch and it is as bad as the media reports show if not worse. The dmg is very extensive and central chch will be closed for a long time.

Another indicator of the scale of damage: the Rebuilding Christchurch blog suggests moving the CBD.

Surreal. That’s the word.

Tim McNamara of InternetNZ gives a thought-provoking account of a tour of the city yesterday.

The media doesn’t do it justice. If we could just communicate the scale of it everyone would be donating.

There’s heaps of stuff going on, but it isn’t enough – it can’t be. This is a long-term situation. I say this as a reminder to myself: keep contributing. Keep finding ways to contribute.

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  1. My friend Geert, who is working for the civil defence in Canterbury and a structural engineer, on Fb just talked about getting the water back on and now could flush a toilet. He stated that he used a bucket and a bag for 2 weeks. Man it puts it into perspective.

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