Battletruck Linky

Have I mentioned Battletruck enough lately? The answer to this question is always NO. Last night I found out that a friend and colleague with a long history in the NZ film industry was the chap who designed the epnoymous truck de battle, and in fact drove it in many of the film’s scenes. I was reduced to gibbering fanboy. Hell yes. So here are some links: battletruck. BattleTruck. BATTLETRUCK!
Bonus Battletruck Spoilers:

Now, on other links containing fewer trucks and less battling:

Kodak’s test colour film footage from 1922

A lovely poetic microfilm, How to be alone:

Infographic of all the time travelling in Doctor Who. Also from DW: interesting solo-play game.

The Perfect Body – diversity in the figures of Olympic athletes. Love this.

More about political messaging: What is conservatism and what is wrong with it?

Tearjerking story of Danny and Annie:

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Batman explains it all

Interview with China Miéville from an urban design perspective.

And finally… Wikipedia’s article on Hatebeak

6 thoughts on “Battletruck Linky”

  1. One cannot speak enough of Battletruck! It is our Mad Max, our Spartacus (both versions).

    The bike from the movie had its bodywork modelled by Temperos back in my home town, and I was billetted with a family once who lived not fer from the self-same Wanaka cliff old Trucky met her demise. Apparently there were still bits and pieces to be found at the foot of it post-‘splosion. I reeeaallly wanted to go souvenir hunting after that, but alas it never came to pass.

    And that’s my Battletruck story! Go Battletruck!

  2. My reaction:
    Hmm, Morgue’s post has a lot of links today.
    Wait! It’s Friday Linky!
    WAIT! It’s FRIDAY?! Yaaaaaayyy.
    Thanks for reminding me it’s Friday. Awesome. 🙂

  3. Battletruck?!? I seem not to know of the truck of battle….but when it goes over the cliff, it looks like a warthog in heat.

  4. I saw Battletruck when it was new. I was seven years old. It was a very special experience that I will treasure forever, and because of this I will never watch it again – not even YouTube clips.

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