The Aotearoa Gambit

St Johns ambulance and first aid was immediately in the thick of it in Christchurch and continue to play an essential part in the slow recovery.

Here’s a neat way to help them: The Aotearoa Gambit a brand new adventure for tabletop superhero RPG ICONS, with all revenue going to St John NZ.

Once again Gareth at Adamant was at the heart of the project – this was his idea, and he’s pledged all proceeds from this product in perpetuity to St John. Local legend Dale Elvy wrote it, I did some stat work, and expat Kiwi Cam Banks edited. Non-Kiwi but fine chap ICONS line artist Dan Houser made some incredible illustrations in record time.

And it may well be the weirdest fundraiser St John ever had. Fight a Moeraki boulder! See Christchurch’s famous wizard fight crime! Interfere in the filming of a certain fantasy epic involving short hairy-footed folk!

It’s a great evening’s worth of RPG fun, and for a good cause. And it’s yours for only $1.99 US! You know what to do!

One thought on “The Aotearoa Gambit”

  1. I always thought those boulders were up to something! It’s in the way they perpetually replace their numbers, emerging from the cliffs at the back of the beah, under the golf course…

    This sounds brilliant. Love the use of the Wizard as a super-hero 🙂

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